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 L:eather gun scabbards assure that all hunters can safely carry their finest shotguns.


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who have helped bring this book to reality:

Sheri Herbert, whose tireless support and belief have truly supported every aspect of this project. Thank you for being a nurturing mother, giving me my first real camera at the age of twelve and continuing your creative guidance throughout my life.

Jay Herbert, for the conception of this project, for being so instrumental in the early stages of planning, and for being a great dad.

Meredith Long, for his friendship, guidance, support, and encouragement throughout my career.

Reed Morian and Rob Stacy, who encouraged me and believed in the project from the beginning.

Rodney Gisler, whose contribution to the project was indispensable.

Bubba Wood, for his advice and direction throughout the project.

Ellen Randall, for her enthusiastic energy and support.

Tio Kleberg & The King Ranch

Ronald Wardell, for all your legal counseling and lifelong friendship.

Dorothy & Warren Mims, for their support, patronage, employment, love, and prayers, and for letting me be part of their inner family.

Steve Hunt, Sunny Thaper, and Ron Goebel, my photographic assistants, whose help was invaluable. My extended thanks also to all the ranch hands for their help in finding locations, preparing vehicles for photographing, and for their wonderful stories of the history of the various rigs.

Thanks as well to all those who have supported me over the years, helped shape me as a photographer, and to whom I owe so much. You are too numerous to name, but I couldn’t have done it without you.