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About the Photographer

LOKEY was born in Amarillo, TX. and grew up in Houston, TX. After graduating from The Art Institute of Houston in 1998 and receiving an Associates of Applied Science Degree he went on to attend the School of Photographic Studies in Prague, Czech Republic. He moved to Phoenix, AZ working as a free-lance photographer. Around 2002 he focused his photography to fine art and spends summers abroad photographing street photography in Europe.

His work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Amarillo Museum of Art, as well the Arizona State University and many private collections.

Lokey’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe including Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania, NAFOTO’s IV Mes International da Forografia-San Palo, Brazil, The Amarillo Museum of Art-Amarillo, Texas, Li Photo Gallery-San Palo, Brazil, Gallery 4118- Houston, TX and Kunsthaus Tacheles-Berlin, Germany. He has participated in several past FotoFest Biennial reviews and exhibited at two participating spaces during 2012 FotoFest.

March 2014 Lokey will be having a book signing and exhibit of Texas Quail Rigs at Meredith Long & Company, Houston, as a part of FotoFest participating spaces.

Come see through my eyes
— Lokey





2012    Phootography, Trafačka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

            5 yrs w/Jaro Cossiga and the Beatburger Band, Trafačka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

            Moments of Isolation, Khon’s, Houston, Texas, in conjunction with FotoFest 2012

2010    A Symmetrical Study of Asymmetry, Khon’s, Houston, Texas, through Febuary 2011

2009    Come See Through My Eyes, Wallywoods, Berlin, Germany

            New Works, Pantheon, Prague, Czech Republic

            Lokey-New Works, Hood Ride for Art Detour '09, Phoenix, Arizona

2008    Lokey, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

2007    FRESHJIVE Presents: Hookers on Van Buren, Reserve, Los Angeles, CA, through March 2008

2001    The Porkfoot and Lokey Show, The Big Fish Pub, Tempe, Arizona

2000    The Porkfoot and Lokey Show, Sport Rock, Phoenix, Arizona

1999    The Develocepts Project, NAFOTO’s IV Mes International da Fotografia, Li Photo Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

1998    Coming Home Exhibit, Baay Gallery, Amarillo, Texas

1997    Exclusive: Lokey Photography, The Brazil Café, Houston, Texas

1996    New Work, Gallery 4118, Houston, Texas




2012    Phootography at Kaunas Photo '12, Fluxus Ministerija, Kaunas, Lithuania

            Urban Art Clash: Phootography, Cube Club, Berlin, Germany

            the f/stops here, Khon’s suite f/stop spot, Houston, Texas

            A Local Hanging with the Artist, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas

2011    A Local Hanging with the Artist, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas

2010    Urban Art Clash: The Mission, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany

            Urban Art Clash: Prague to Berlin, White Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

            A Local Hanging with the Artist, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas

2009    UM Gallery for Art Detour '09          

2008    New Work: Lokey Photography, Kauno Paveikslu Galerija, Kaunas, Lithuania        

            Kaunas Photo '08, Laisve Fotografijai!           

            Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

            Stealth Tower Project, Kaunas Photo '08

2007    Lost Leaf, Phoenix, Arizona, First Friday-December

            Lost Leaf, Phoenix, Arizona, First Friday-November

2005    Anti-Space, Phoenix, Arizona, First Friday-June

2004    The Blue Ball-Erotic Art, Alwun House, Phoenix, Arizona

            Miss Camile Project, Wet Paint Gallery for Final Fridays, Tempe, Arizona

            Venice Holga & Polaroid Series, King Biscuit Patio Café, Houston, Texas

            SOS PRO-TEST-OR-RE-ACTOR, Ice House for 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

            New Work, Fate for 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

            Venice Holga & Polaroid Series, Church Gallery for Art Detour, Phoenix, Arizona

            Venice Holga Series, Kontrive for Final Fridays, Tempe, Arizona

            Venice Polaroid Series, Wet Paint Gallery for Final Fridays, Tempe, Arizona

2004    Black History Event, Ghetto Gallery for 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

2003    L.I.F.E., Ice House for 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

            Holgas, 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

            Gestapo Tactics Experiment, 1st Fridays, Phoenix, Arizona

            Art Detour, Downtown Annual Art Walk, Phoenix, Arizona

2002    Chaos Series, 3 Car Pileup Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

2001    Chaos Series, 3 Car Pileup Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

            Palatable Art Exhibit, Art Link Expo, Phoenix, Arizona

            Summer Art Detour, Downtown Annual Art Walk, Phoenix, Arizona

2000    New Photography, The Nile Venue & Gallery, Mesa, Arizona

1998    New Works, Gallery 4118, Houston, Texas







Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas

Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College, Tempe, Arizona

FRESHJIVE, Rick Klotz, Los Angeles, California

Casey McKee, Berlin, Germany

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Kaunas, Lithuania

Alan Kafton, Phoenix, Arizona

Brian Rose, Phoenix, Arizona

Amy Roberts, Phoenix, Arizona

Steve Yazzie, Phoenix, Arizona

Leslie Englert Yazzie, Phoenix, Arizona

Keri Jhaveri, Los Angeles, California

Ed & Sandy Martin, Los Angeles, California

Eric Echales, San Francisco, California

Mickey & Ellen Echales, Asheville, North Carolina

Jeff Lynd, Austin, Texas

Corey Andrews, Houston, Texas

Paul Davis, Houston, Texas

Karl Folckemer, Houston, Texas

Kent Keele, Houston, Texas

Michael Zilkha, Houston, Texas

Meredith Long, Houston, Texas

Jay & Sheri Herbert, Richmond, Texas

Bob LaRoche, Amarillo, Texas

Ellen & Ed Randall, Amarillo, Texas





The Art Institute of Houston-Houston, Texas

Associates of Applied Science Degree in Photography, 1998

The School of Photographic Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, 1997







American Society of Media Photographers

Nikon Professional Services

National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Professional Photographers of America

Artlink Phoenix

“Professors Scholarship” - Outstanding Achievement

Honors Graduate - Outstanding Work and Achievement





1998-Present   Lokey Photography, Phoenix, Arizona 

1999                S.E.N.A.C. University, San Paulo, Brazil , Guest Lecture

1999-2001       New Times Publications, Phoenix, Arizona, Staff Photographer

1998-2001       Java Magazine, Tempe, Arizona, Staff Photographer

1998                FotoFest ’98, Houston, Texas, Official Photographer

1997-1998       Microsoft/Houston, Houston, Texas, Contract Photographer

1997                Threshold Praha News, Prague, Czech Republic, Staff Photographer

1996-1998       Public News, Houston, Texas, Staff Photographer

1996                Pile Publications, Houston, Texas, Staff Photographer